Start and Finish Locations
6:00 am start – Marathon
6:00 am start – 1/2 Marathon
6:00 am start – Marathon Relay
8:00 am start – Billy’s 5k Run

Each race will start at the Swan Lake Christian Camp overhead sign on the Swan Lake Christian Camp campgrounds. The finish will be marked with flags near the camp bell. You will be invited to ring the bell to signal your finish. Click here to see where Swan Lake Christian Camp is located.


The course is about 2/3 gravel and 1/3 pavement for the marathon, 1/2 marathon and marathon relay. The 5k run is a out and back course.  The 5k course is about 1/2 gravel and 1/2 pavement.

This is the same course as in the past but it is no longer certified.  2022 will be the 20th running and also the last for the half and full marathon.  Thank you all for joining us along this journey.

Aid Stations

There will be two fixed aid stations along the route that the marathoners will pass 3 times, the 1/2 marathoners twice  and 5k runners twice. The remaining aid stations will be at a distance no more than 2 miles apart. There will water and Gatorade at each of the aid stations. There will also be toilets along the course.

Mile Markers

Mile markers will be placed at every mile for the Marathon, 1/2 marathon and relay. Turns will be marked with spray paint or a cone on the road for all races.

Medical Support

EMT’s are at the finish line, and roving vehicles check on the runners during the race. If you are having trouble during the race, please stop at an aid station.


For 2022- all races will be timed by stop watch timing.