Swan Lake Marathon Relay Information

Team Entry Fee: The fees start at $125 before April 1st and go up to $175 on race weekend. The entire fee schedule is on our General Information page for the marathon.

Race Date: June 12, 2022

Registration: Registration for the relay is only available online. The team captain will pay the entry fee and enter in the emails of all of the other relay participants. Once the other participants receive the email they can click on the link and register as part of the team. If you register before May 1st, you are guaranteed to receive a Swan Lake Races tech shirt.  Registrations after May 1st will receive a cotton Swan Lake Christian Camp shirt.  Some tech shirt may be available but supplies are not guaranteed.

Team Composition: Each relay is designed for 5 participants, each running one leg. If you cannot find enough people for your relay you may have 1 person run two legs. There are three divisions for the relay: male, female and co-ed. In order to qualify for the co-ed category you must have at least 2 female participants.

Start Time: The Marathon Relay participants share the same course, start time (6:00am) and finish line as the Full Marathon, with Relay Exchange points set up along the course at the following distances:

Leg #1: (4.5 miles): The first runner will start at the camp and run clockwise around the lake. The first exchange is at mile 4.5 of the marathon course near the large Swan Lake Association sign. There will be some parking along the road toward the lake.

Leg #2: (4.5 miles): The second runner will run out to highway 19 and into Viborg. The second exchange is near the Viborg High School (mile 9). There will be parking available in the school parking lot.

Leg #3: (~4 miles): The third runner will run back toward the lake. The third exchange is the same as the first exchange point (~mile 12.75).

Leg #4: (~7 miles): The fourth runner will finish going around the lake, through the keyhole and head west and then north past highway 18 and turn back east on 284th ave. The fourth exchange is just past the turn onto 455th Ave. (mile 20)

Leg #5: (6.2 miles): The fifth runner will run south, through the keyhole and follow the lake back to the camp.

Transportation: Relay participants are responsible for their own transportation. Please do not drive on the gravel portions of the course (everywhere except hwy 18 and 19 and around the resort). Each car picks up dust and this is not fun to run in. Please be courteous to the runners.

Ex: Runners 2 & 4 can walk to their exchange zone, runner 3 and 5 take car to Viborg HS, 3 stays there and runner 2 takes car to drop 5 off in their zone. #2 waits for 4 and they drive back to camp to see the finish. 1 and 3 can walk back to camp from their exchange zone.  The walking distance to the start line from this first exchange zone location to the start finish line is approximately 600 yards along a marked path.

Water:  will be available at each exchange point.

Packet Pick-up: We do not expect the entire team to be present at packet pick up. One of the members can pick up the packet for the team under the team name. It would be preferable if this was the team captain. The bag will have bib numbers for each team member. Only the last person will have the timing chip on their bib. Please make sure the last runner has this bib or you may forfeit your time. You will also receive Swan Lake Christian Camp t-shirts. Packet pick up hours are: 2pm to 6pm on Saturday and 5:15am until the races start on Sunday.

Awards: Each relay participant will receive a medal at the end of the race. If you finish as a team you can get all of your medals. Otherwise the last runner will receive the medals.  Awards will be given to the top three teams overall.